My name is Kathryn and I am the founder of Be More Dog Scotland.

How and why did I come to set up Be More Dog Scotland? 

Its simple, its all down to my dog Juno. 

My dog training journey began when I adopted Juno in 2016. Juno was 7 months old when she arrived and in the midst of adolescence. Juno was proving to be challenging in her first home. 

Juno and I attended positive reward based training classes and once our feet and paws crossed the threshold of the small village hall we would be working in, it shifted our relationship into a partnership. We became in tune with one another and I started to see Juno for the dog she is and the dog she needed to be. 

I saw such an enormous improvement in my relationship with Juno and in turn, her day to day behaviour. 

The training lit a fire in my belly. I found my passion for dog training and animal welfare. I wanted to learn more. At the time I was working for my family’s pet care business and I knew by expanding my mind and learning more about animal behaviour, positive reinforcement and force free handling techniques it would not only benefit my relationship with my own dog, but also the dogs in my professional care too. 

My journey had begun, I started to assist at dog training classes, gaining knowledge and experience in working with puppies and adolescent dogs. I learnt A LOT and had so much fun during this time. As my passion and knowledge grew I began to realise a dream, a vision of doing something I loved. I could pursue a career as a dog trainer. 

Be More Dog Scotland is about creating an understanding relationship between dog and human. Allowing your dog to shine for who they are, understanding their breed, their needs and their emotions. 

Being a dog owner stretches further then just going out for a walk. Your dog is a part of your life and by establishing a positive relationship with each other through reward based training and enrichment your dog will be happy and thriving in your home. 

I am fully insured and a full member of the International Society for Animal Professionals. 

I hold qualifications in;

Pet First Aid & Pet First Aid for Professionals Level 3

Level 2 City & Guilds Competence in Dog Walking

Feline Behaviour and Psychology – Diploma (Distinction)

absoluteDogs Pro Dog Trainer Certified (2021)

I am a full member of the International Society for Animal Professionals (ISAP), and a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT – 101729).

I am currently working towards completing an Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour and regularly attend webinars and seminars for CPD.

Be More Dog Scotland



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