Loose Lead Walking

Loose lead walking can be such a tricky behaviour to teach. Often new puppy owners start working on this straight away and feel like they’ve cracked it. Suddenly, the adolescent phase shows-up and puppies seem to forget how to walk nicely on a lead. Or they head into a busy and exciting new environment andContinue reading “Loose Lead Walking”

Why Do I Train Using Positive Reinforcement?

Simple… I strongly believe it’s the kindest way to train animals. For a long time, mankind has modelled canine handling methods on dominance theories, thanks to the original dominance theory which was produced by Rudolph Schenkel in 1947. Schenkel was a Swiss animal behaviourist who studied captive wolves in the 1930s-1940s and concluded that wolvesContinue reading “Why Do I Train Using Positive Reinforcement?”